Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Personalised home made iPad and phone covers

One of my hobbies is sewing. These are all examples of things I have sewn for friends and family. 

The designs below were all sewing patterns I made myself. I didn't follow instructions and instead just used trial and error to get the pattern right.

My friend Kim asked for an iPad cover that was padded, simple, funky and blue. This fabric fit the brief perfectly. I personalised it further by putting her K initial on the magnetic close tab. I labeled the inside, like I do with all my sewing, to add an element of professionalism to this handmade gift.

 Below is the one I made for my mum. The only difference is that I used a button instead of a magnetic clasp.  I just love, Love, LOVE the hand embroidered ladies! The blondie is me and the brunette is my mum.

The hand embroidered ladies were two doodles that I often draw at work, and I added these for my mum as it's a mark of how much she means to me. 

I made a matching phone cover as well since she liked the iPad cover so much. Here is the same mini me again.

These are some more that were made on request from friends. In the bottom example, I used appliqué to add the animals to this funky design. This fabric is gorgeous and exciting. One of my favourites to work with. 


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