Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Earphone pouch

This week, I have made myself a little earphone pouch.

I have an iPhone and I love using it as an MP3. The trouble is that I always get the earphones tangled in my handbag, and spend ages unravelling them, sorting out the knots, or generally looking for them amongst all the other rubbish thats in my bag.

I found this brilliant feature and tutorial by Erin Erickson for her circle zip earbud pouch

I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it and so set about making it myself.

Here is my finished product;

I've made a few now in a couple of different colours and fabrics, but my friends have already nicked them off me, so they must be OK!

I think this is a great design as it would also be brilliant to use as a little coin purse for car park charges or similar. I've added a keyring so it can easily be attached to your bunch of keys or inside of a handbag. 


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