Sunday, 10 January 2016

Police Training Booklet

Cyber policing has become a huge issue to todays law enforcement agencies.  And these are not local issues but rather span the globe with multinational crime gangs and technology that far outweighs the police's computers in knowledge and in capability.

I was tasked with planning and co-ordinating a days Continual Professional Development (CPD) for 100 of the most senior detectives within my police force the Greater Manchester Police. 

As part of my efforts to ensure that this was taken seriously and carried as much impact as possible, I pitched and got funding for some professional looking booklets that would accompany the day, giving people information about the speakers, what the talks were about, and a brief CV of the specialists to qualify their expertise.

GMP does have its own in house graphic designers and print house, so I had work with them to produce these excellent booklets. 

Prior to attending at the design studio, I drew out rough sketches of what I wanted to produce. I obviously had a theme of computers and technology and so wanted my design to incorporate that as much as possible. In addition, with it being a police event, blues and blacks were my chosen colours to make it fit with all other official documentation. 

I wanted to make their personal mini CVs to look like they had been pulled out of a filing cabinet, with their name on a tab at the top and the information underneath.  

I sat with the designer as we worked through the booklet, picking out appropriate font, colours and layout. 

The final product is something I am proud of. It may have been the designer who put it together, but it is all based on my ideas and instruction. 


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