Wednesday, 6 January 2016

DIY funky wedding Invitations

For our wedding, I went looking for invitations which matched my husband and I's personalities. I found that most invitations off the shelf were generic, traditional and not to our taste. So I decided to design my own. It was this project that gave me the inspiration to change my career to one of graphic design. These invites are the reason I am applying to university!

The colours of the wedding were purple, pink and orange, so the plan for these invites was to incorporate all those colours into a bright and fun card which would set the tone for what people were to expect.

When looking to design a wedding invitation, Pinterest offered me lots of inspiration for how to make our invitations fun. 

To make these invites, I taught myself how to use Gimp software on my iMac by watching online tutorials and experimentation. I first laid down the background which was meant to look like galaxies of stars.  This involved creating multiple layers on the page so I could get the colouring and shades just to my liking. 

I then downloaded free fonts I found online to add the text. I purposely used multiple different fonts. I love this mixed up and busy page. My favourite font was 'easily amused' which is the one I used for our names. It sums us up perfectly. The inspiration for the text came from multiple similar examples I found from Pinterest such as this one http://weheartit.com/entry/group/33306886

The language I used is purposely young and fun. I didn't like the traditional wording I found on most invitations. Again, I wanted it to reflect the tone of the day, which was far from formal.

In hindsight, I may have altered the colouring slightly as I think the boldness of those that I have used do make it difficult to read the text. Maybe I should have created a greater contrast between the background and the text to alleviate this. 

After I had done the main invitation, I then set about completing a directions card complete with map. I created the map by tracing in one layer over the top of a screenshot of an online real map. Once the real map was removed, the hand drawn map by me was left behind. 

I also made some RSVP cards and thank you cards suing the same style to maintain continuity in my design and make it look professional.

Vista print the did the professional print. 

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  1. Wow, what a cool wedding invitation! My fiancee and I are planning a wedding ourselves and I have been looking all over the place for ideas relating to all things wedding!!! On a side note, have you been to MasterCopyPrint.com? Not sure what your situation is, but has been really helpful in regard to planning a wedding on a budget.

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print