Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fireplace mosaic

I have a huge open fireplace, with no actual fire in it. I decided to mosaic the floor of it, which is about 1.5 meters x 0.5 meters large. 

I love the finished effect. A fireplace should be relaxing, warm and inviting. The repetitive circles give this the relaxing feeling that I wanted and the addition of the candles give a small nod to the warmth of a real fire.

I got some MDF and drew out my pattern.  I chosen a simple circular design to match both the rounded pebbles and round tea light holders. I then make a feature out of my house number and street where it will be displayed. I drew out the pattern on the MDF prior to starting with the glass. This template was easily covered by the grout and gave me clear guidance on where to place my glass.


I got the round glass pebbles cheap from the pound shop for a really big bag full, as actual mosaic tiles were a killer on the old purse strings. 

And I can't believe how much mortar I went through. I think in total, if I tried to cost it up, it would have been about £5 for the MDF, £15 on mortar, £60 on tiles and pebbles. 


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